MP3 Indexer

MP3 Indexer 1.3

Catalogs the user's collection of MP3 files (See all)
Generates an index with all the MP3 files in your music collection along with additional details such as rating, genre, album and other data included in their ID3 tags. The tool creates Excel-compatible spreadsheets and includes advanced filtering capabilities.

This freeware utility creates an Excel sheet after recursive scanning a folder for MP3 files. It reads out some ID3v2 tag information and the ratings stored in the Windows MediaPlayer (v9, v10) library if the files are managed by WMP.
The Excel sheet is based on a template with an auto-filter and a macro. You can mark some songs by putting "x"-es into the first column and press a button to copy the selected files to a specified folder.
Application Areas:
* Applying more complex filters using Excel
* Prepackaging songs to copy them later on an MP3 player
* Backing up* WMP ratings
* Creating Data-Feeds
* Base to make some kind of analysis
* ...
* In this version you cannot roll them back automatically. It's just a way to store the ratings in a "visible way" you can trust in.
Generated Columns:
* Selection
* Song Title
* Artist
* Rating
* Album
* Release Year
* Genre
* Track
* Date
* Filename

System Requirements:
* Microsoft

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